The Avril Lavigne Foundation:

"The Avril Lavigne Foundation" est une fondation qu'Avril Lavigne a crée en septembre 2010. C'est une fondation pour des enfants et jeunes atteint de maladie grave et d'invalidité.

"Hi Everyone!
 I am so excited to announce the launch of my foundation, The Avril Lavigne Foundation. I have always looked for ways to give back because I think it’s a responsibility we all share. The Avril Lavigne Foundation will allow me to support the causes I really care about in a more meaningful way, and hopefully inspire you to join us. I also really want your help in shaping The Avril Lavigne Foundation, so I will be asking you guys for feedback along the way. Be sure and sign up on the site so that I can keep you updated on what The Avril Lavigne Foundation is doing. Check back for updates and new ways you can get involved!

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